Pamela R. Dunham

Mapping / GIS
Title: GIS Director
Phone: (316) 322-4238

Pamela R. Dunham, KM, PKM began her career in mapping with Butler County in 1986. Her first job was in layout and design and from there she worked her way up through the department. She moved to Lyon County in 1991 as the GIS coordinator where she was instrumental in implementing GIS. In 2000, she returned to Butler County as the GIS director. Since that time, Butler County has converted from manual mapping to GIS in a number of departments from Appraisal, Zoning, E-9-1-1, and Clerk's to Emergency Management.

Pamela has an Associates Degree from Butler Community College and a Bachelor's degree in Business with a double minor in management (MGMT) and management information systems (MIS) from Wichita State University. 

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