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  1. Please be certain your property is not located in an incorporated area or city. Permits will only be issued to properties located in the county. You can check your property location on the GIS map on the Butler County Website or by calling the Butler County Community Development Department at 316-322-4325.
  2. Property Type
  3. Type of Residential Improvement
  4. Type of Agricultural Improvement
  5. Type of Commercial Improvement
  6. Type of Industrial Improvement
  7. REPLACEMENT OF Single-Wide or Double-Wide: Electric power will not be released nor issuance of a final certificate of occupancy prior to removal of existing single wide or double wide.
  8. Payment Type
  9. Building Permit
    Residential - Electrical
  10. Fee
  11. Residential - Plumbing
    Residential - Plumbing
  12. Fee
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