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ID Badge Application - Equipment

  1. Application Type*
  2. Equipment Information
  3. If "other" was selected for the Responsible Agency, enter the name here. 

  4. Enter the name that is used to refer to this piece of equipment (i.e. Pumper 31, etc.).

  5. If "other" was selected for the equipment category, enter a category here.

  6. Expand on equipment category with additional information (examples:  HazMat trailer, Type II ambulance, 4x4 pickup, 250 gal 1500 gpm pump, LE patrol vehicle, etc.)

  7. Equipment Address

    Enter the physical address where this equipment is typically housed. 

  8. Equipment Qualifications

    Please read instructions carefully. You must enter either a federal or state qualification for your equipment. 

  9. If equipment meets a federal qualification, enter it here, otherwise enter "n/a".  (FEMA Resource Typing Tool:
    Example:  Type 4 Engine, Fire (Pumper)

  10. If equipment does not meet federal qualifications, enter the most appropriate state qualifications instead. If a federal qualification was used, enter "n/a."  (State Equipment Qualification document:
    Example: Truck, Brush Patrol, Firefighting

  11. Deployable?*

    Mark if equipment is available to deploy outside of the county.

  12. For new applications, upload a photo of the equipment. 

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