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Real Property Disaster Relief Application



    CURRENT TAX YEAR _________ 

    (K.S.A. 2018 Supp. 79-1613)

    The following property owner(s) are making application to the county commissioners for property tax abatement, all or partial, or a credit against property taxes payable by the applicant. The county commissioners may issue an order granting relief, if any, subject to budgetary restraints of the county or taxing subdivision arising from the destructive event.

  2. Butler County Appraiser’s Office

    205 W Central Ave. 3rd flr

    El Dorado, KS 67042

  3. Select Homestead or Improvement Type:*
  4. If NO above, select the cause of the damage (must be one of the following):
  5. Please email, mail, or bring to the Appraiser's Office the following:

    1.  Written estimate of repairs or rebuilding costs on partially destroyed dwellings by a licensed contractor or construction engineer        (Only needed if the dwelling is not a total loss)

    2.  A deed, land contract or other evidence of the applicant's ownership interest in the Homestead property.

    3.  Photos documenting the damage or destruction.

    If emailing, please send to

  6. For questions regarding this form contact the Butler County Appraiser's Office at 316-322-4220

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