What do I do if Medicare does not pay my ambulance bill?
If Medicare does not cover your ambulance bill, you have the right to file with Medicare for a Medical Review. This process is explained in the Medicare Remittance Notice that the patient receives from Medicare in the mail. When filing for a Medical Review, it is recommended that the patient provide the following documents to Medicare:
  • A letter from the patient's family physician explaining why the ambulance transport was medically necessary
  • Copies of the patient's ambulance transport medical records. The patient may contact the Butler County EMS Billing Office at (316) 321-9260 to obtain a copy of his/her records
  • Copies of the patient's medical records from the hospital that the patient was transported to
  • A letter from the patient explaining why 9-1-1 was called for medical assistance
Notice: Filing for Medical Review does not guarantee that Medicare will reverse their original decision, but is an option to all patients covered through Medicare.

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