Where can I get my vehicle inspected, and during what hours?

All Kansas non-highway, salvage, and out-of-state used vehicles require a VIN inspection. The fee is $20.00 CASH or $25.00 for salvage. The Kansas Highway Patrol requires the all of the following items and information for salvage vehicles filing for rebuilt salvage status:

* Printed pictures of the salvage vehicle prior to repair of damage from the auction ONLY.

* Original receipts for all parts and material used to reconstruct the vehicle.

* If the vehicle is repaired with used parts the original receipt needs to have the VIN number of the parts vehicle.

* Original receipts from the individuals should be in the Bill of Sale format and have VIN number for the parts vehicle.

Inspection Locations:

Kechi Center:

1900 E Tigua (HWY 254 & Rock Rd)

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 3:15 PM

Fax: 316-744-8008

Phone: 316-337-7418

No Salvage/Rebuilt Salvage, Bill of Sale or Affidavit inspections after 2:00 PM.

Wichita Main Tag Office

Clean Out-of-State Titles Only

2525 W Douglas

Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 3:15PM


Phone: 316-265-5644

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