I'm moving to Kansas from another state; how do I register my vehicle?

If you have the title, you need to bring in the title, the vehicle inspection, the current registration from the previous state, and current proof of insurance. The person who is named on the title is the only person who can register the vehicle unless a completed Power of Attorney (TR-41) is brought in by the Power of Attorney designee with the appropriate documents. If two names appear on the title with "and/or" or "or" between the names, only one person has to come in. If two names are on the title with "and," or no words between them whatsoever, both persons must come in. All vehicles coming in to Kansas on a title issued by any other state than Kansas must undergo a VIN inspection by the Kansas Highway Patrol. The cost is $20.00 in cash, $25.00 for vehicles with a salvage branding on the title. If you do not have the physical title because your lienholder retains it until the lien has been satisfied, please call our office at (316)322-4200 with the vehicle, owner, and lien holder information. We will send a request for your title, then contact you with further instruction.

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8. I'm moving to Kansas from another state; how do I register my vehicle?
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