Juvenile Inake and Assessment

About the Program

The Juvenile Intake and Assessment (JIAS) program for the Thirteenth Judicial District covers Butler, Elk, and Greenwood Counties in Kansas and is operated by Community Corrections. This is a program which is provided locally all across the state as per an Administrative order of the Kansas Supreme Court in 1995.

JIAS is available to law enforcement 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, and to families during office hours. When children have law enforcement contact and are determined to be an alleged juvenile offender or a victim / child in need of care, by statute they are to be interviewed by JIAS staff to gather vital information in screening the child and determining risks. JIAS staff and law enforcement determine appropriate immediate placement if necessary along with making recommendations for services based on the interview, history, and information provided by law enforcement officers. Intake interviews can take place either in the JIAS office or any of the law enforcement agencies across the judicial district.

The focus of the assessment, questionnaire and interviews are to intervene early and help prevent youth from getting more deeply involved in the juvenile justice system. These interviews are confidential and cannot be used against the youth in court. Ages of children served are birth to 18th birthday. In Judicial District 13 approximately 600 youth are interviewed annually.

There is no cost associated with JIAS and parents/youth may self refer.