Juvenile Detention Budget Management

Services Provided
When youth are detained in a juvenile detention facility, by statute and county resolution, parents / guardians are responsible for payment of that expense. This department works with families to work out a fair and reasonable payment plan based on income, number of days, and daily rate of detention. This is available for Butler and Greenwood residents only.
Juvenile’s which are sent to detention at the point of initial arrest or from court are typically sent to Reno County Juvenile Detention Center. The current cost per day is $150 per day. In the instances when Reno County JDC is full, juveniles will be placed at alternative facilities. When this happens the cost of detention can be higher.

As per state statute and county resolution, payment plans are set up to reimburse the appropriate county for those detention expenses. Re-payment plans are determined based on family income, number of persons living in the household, and the total amount due. All payment agreements must be made with the department director or deputy director. For more information on detention expenses please contact the department head at (316) 322-8478.