COVID-19 Resource Page

As the novel coronavirus has progressed from an unusual disease in a city in China to a WHO-declared pandemic, a flood of information has spread through broadcast media, social media and coffee-shop conversations. Trying to sort out fact from fiction -- or to identify what is really applicable here in Butler County, Kansas -- has become increasingly difficult. This page attempts to gather together some of the information that is most relevant in our corner of Kansas.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information 

All Butler County COVID-19 vaccine information is now centralized on a new COVID-19 Vaccine Page. This includes info on vaccine distribution statuses, vaccine administration priorities, and links to register for vaccination appointments. 

To access this new page, click on the web page image.

COVID-19 Vaccine Page

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Local COVID-19 Testing Sites

Below are some of the local testing options that are available to Butler County residents.  Some sites currently offer testing free of charge while others will bill insurance. For information on any associated fees or to learn about turn-around time on test results, please contact the site sponsor. 
*January 2022 update:  Due to national supply chain issues, many testing sites are running short on supplies and some have temporarily suspended rapid testing. Please contact your chosen testing site to confirm availability of supplies and appointments. 
As of 6/29/2021, the Health Department will resume offering COVID-19 testing through their office.
Butler County Health Department
FREE testing: Tuesday and Thursday
*call for appointments*
(316) 321-3400
KDHE Community Testing Partners
• Andover Drug, Andover
• Cooper Drug, Augusta
• El Dorado True Care, El Dorado
• Rose Hill Pharmacy, Rose Hill
FREE testing: visit the KDHE website for hours, 
addresses, and contact information.

KDHE Mobile Lab
Butler County Health Dept parking lot
206 N. Griffith, El Dorado
FREE testing:  
Every Weds through January 2022, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
**Note date updates
SBA Hospital
720 W. Central, El Dorado
Requires doctor's orders - 
schedule through primary care physician.
SBA - Augusta Immediate Care Clinic
401 W. 7th St, Augusta
Rapid testing, offered daily
Call ahead to arrange sample collection
(316) 558-5575
Augusta Family Practice
1306 State St, Augusta
Monday and Wednesday
7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
(316) 775-9191
Xpress Wellness, 
231 S. Andover Rd, Andover 
Limited daily time slots - preregistration required
Link to website

Butler County COVID-19 Statistics 
Updated weekly on Mondays (eff. 5/17/2021)

The COVID-19 Dashboard can also be viewed in full-screen mode by clicking here. This may improve the experience on some mobile devices.

Butler County Data (updated on Mondays)

As of 1/10/2022. *Recovered cases are those confirmed cases that are no longer requiring investigation / monitoring by Public Health.
Confirmed COVID-19 cases
(see notes on data discrepancies below)
Negative test results 118,720
Recovered cases*  12,457
Fatalities from COVID-19 142
Cumulative Delta variant cases identified 126
Cumulative Omicron variant cases identified 4
2018 estimated population
(for reference)
County/State Data Discrepancies (UPDATED 1/6/2021):
The county's COVID-19 case count tracks those cases that have been confirmed, investigated, and/or monitored by the county Health Department. This number differs considerably from the county total published by KDHE. Because KDHE staff are now working many of the cases for the counties, part of that discrepancy comes from delays in the local Health Department learning of these cases. However, a bulk of the difference comes from Department of Corrections inmate cases, which the county does not include in its reported numbers.  Since inmate cases do not represent individuals out circulating in the community, the Health Department does not add them to the official county count. For data consistency, the county also does not include inmate fatalities in its COVID-19 fatality count.

Board of County Commissioners:
Public Access to Weekly Meetings

The Butler County Board of Commissioners meetings are once again open for public attendance. However, participants and attendees are still encouraged to maintain safe social distancing while in the meeting room. If you would like to watch from the safety of your home, Commission meetings will continue to be available through live-stream. To access the current meeting or archived videos of previous meetings, click here

Kansas Data (updated on Mondays)

As of 1/10/2022. Effective May 11, 2020, KDHE began updating their data only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
KDHE Reported COVID-19 Cases 579,619
Total Counties with Confirmed Cases 105
Fatalities from COVID-19 7,114
2019 estimated population 2,913,314
Modified Operations Image

County Alerts and Closures

With the ending of statewide gathering orders and the gradual reopening of many business sectors, county government buildings and services also gradually re-opened to in-person access.  For the safety of both the public and our county employees, some modifications to operations remain in effect. 
  • County staff will be monitoring the number of people entering, exiting and waiting in seating areas.  They will be helping to ensure that safe social distancing can be maintained.
  • Citizens visiting either of the two Motor Vehicle locations will be asked to check in using the QLess line management system -- this can either be completed online ahead of time or using a computer terminal on site. As space allows, patrons will be able to wait in designated seating areas. If seating becomes tight, some patrons may be encouraged to leave and return closer to their time to be served.
  • Driver's License renewals are now available for Butler County residents at the Historic Courthouse. This office will utilize the QLess system, as well. For a full list of services this location can provide, visit here.
  • District Court offices continue to operate with some modifications. Please contact the court for further information.

Official Information Sources

One of your best defenses is to know the facts. To better protect yourself and your family, go straight to the source. Refer to these links for the most current guidelines, recommendations, and virus data:

Fact Sheets for Individuals in Quarantine or Isolation

Home Isolation Information for Patients Click to view
Home Isolation Information for Household Members and Caregivers Click to view
Isolation and Quarantine FAQ - KDHE Guidance  Click to view

Local sources of information:

Butler Co. Health Dept (316) 321-3400 Email
Butler Co. Emergency Management (316) 733-9796 Contact Us
KDHE Hotline (866) 534-3463 Email
United Way Information Line 2-1-1 n/a
Kansas Dept of Labor:
COVID-19 Unemployment Information
(316) 383-9947 Website

Mental Health During COVID-19

COVID-19 is taking a toll on more than just physical and economic health. For many people, it is also causing a significant mental health impact. While a lot of the resources out there seem to be targeted toward protecting you physically, please know that a wealth of information and resources are available to support your mental health needs, too. Click here to access a resource list assembled by our local Health Department. Below are contact numbers for mental health services in Butler County:

South Central Mental Health Andover Office (316) 733-5047
  Augusta Office (316) 425-0073
  El Dorado Office (316) 321-6036
  After-Hours Crisis Line (855) 773-6686
Andover Family Counseling Andover (316) 247-3063

COVID-19 Declarations, Orders and Official Notices

For reference, below are links to many of the important documents that have been issued during the COVID-19 pandemic. For assistance finding other related materials, contact Butler County Emergency Management.
Governor's Plan to Reopen Kansas Updated May 26, 2020 Link to Website
Kansas Office of the Governor: All Executive Orders  Continually updated Link to Website
KDHE: Travel Related Quarantine Reviewed every 2 weeks Link to Website
Resolution 20-41: Repeal of November Mask Mandate November 25, 2020 Click to view
Resolution 20-21: Regarding Requirements on Schools August 4, 2020 Click to view
Resolution 20-17: Repeal of Masking Mandate July 3, 2020 Click to view
City of El Dorado Ordinance G-1347:  Repealing Mask Mandate March 24, 2021 Click to view
Small Business Administration Disaster Declaration March 21, 2020 Link to Application
Butler County Disaster Declaration - Resolution 22-05 January 13, 2022 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #12 May 4, 2021 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #11 March 30, 2021 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #10 January 26, 2021 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #9 January 12, 2021 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #8 December 15, 2020 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #7 November 10, 2020 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #6 October 13, 2020 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #5 September 22, 2020 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #4 June 14, 2020 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #3 June 9, 2020  Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #2 June 2, 2020 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Declaration - Extension #1 May 19, 2020 Click to view
Butler County Public Health Emergency Declaration March 19, 2020 Click to view
State Emergency Declaration  January 21, 2022 Click to view
Major Disaster Declaration for KS: FEMA-4504-DR March 29, 2020 Click to view

For more information about the virus or about safety precautions you and your loved ones should be taking, visit the Butler County Kansas Health Department Facebook page. You can also find local updates on the Butler County, Kansas Government page or the Butler County, Kansas Emergency Management page.