911 Telemedicine

Butler County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) seeks to provide the best emergency care and transportation to its citizens in the most cost effective way. In pursuing this goal, EMS and Emergency Communications (911) identified a three year upward trend of non-emergency 911 calls to the point that one out of every four calls was a non-emergency. Non-emergency callers do not receive optimal long-term care by calling 911 and the EMS system is increasingly unavailable for true emergencies.To help solve this issue EMS and 911 are working with a 911 telemedicine company that focuses on helping non-emergency 911 callers quickly find the right   healthcare/transportation solution. Frank Williams, EMS Director, stated: "This partnership will not only allow ambulances to respond faster to true emergencies, but will also help ensure non-emergency callers receive appropriate care in a timely manner."