About Us

The Butler County Attorney is elected every four (4) years, and employs six (6) Assistant County Attorneys and support staff to provide effective public service to the citizens of Butler County.
  • Butler County Attorney
    Darrin C. Devinney

    Office Manager
    Samantha Stueven
  • Chief Assistant County Attorney
    Cheryl M. Pierce

  • Assistant County Attorneys
    Amber R. Norris                                                  Brett Sweeney                                                      Jarod M. Regier                           

  • Legal Secretaries
    Emelia Toney                                                        Crissy Bastain                                                       Adrianne Stapleford                                           Courtney Brown

  • Diversion Coordinator
  • Victim/Witness Coordinator                               Jackie Green

  • Receptionist
    Cathy Lowmaster                                                Ivalea Tien