Clinical Division

The Clinical Division is comprised of (3) Training Lieutenants responsible for the oversight of all essential functions related to the provision of medical care. This includes quality assurance, continuous quality monitoring, clinical data management, protocol review, continuing education, and credentialing of all crews. The goal of the Clinical Division is to ensure all patients in Butler County receive the highest quality medical care based on scientific data and best practices while meeting the unique needs of each EMS patient.
All total, the Clinical Division oversees the medical care education of the over 50 full-time, part-time, and volunteer employees of BCEMS and the nearly 100 certified professional EMST (Emergency Medical Services Team) health care providers throughout Butler County.

In addition, the Clinical Division sustains collaborative relationships with area health care facilities working to ensure the medical care we provide enhances the overall outcome of patients transported to these facilities.

Internal Continuing Education

Continuing education is an integral part of continuous quality improvement. In order to ensure we continue providing high-quality care our Clinical Division provides regular continuing education to our crews. Every crew spend 4-weeks out of every 10-weeks at our headquarters station in El Dorado. During each of these 4-weeks our Clinical Division provides on-duty continuing education on a multitude of topics. These training sessions are small group session with one or two crews at a time and can range anywhere from one-to-three hours in length. Crews are also subject to impromptu training as the Training Lieutenants will surprise the on-duty crew with scenario and/or skills practice.

The Clinical Division also offers one 3-hour educational opportunity to all first responders and BCEMS providers each month. This opportunity covers topics specific to the Kansas Continuing Education Plan, which requires specific topic areas for certification renewal. The training is offered in multiple locations, on multiple dates, and at multiple times throughout Butler County in order to give all providers the opportunity to attend.

As another opportunity to the above training the Clinical Division offers at least one predesigned course per quarter from entities such as the American Heart Association and the National Association of EMTs. These courses include, but are not limited to Pre-Hospital Life Support (PHTLS), Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS), Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC), EMS Safety, Principles of Ethics and Personal Leadership (PEPL), and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).