Inmate Commissary and Banking

General Information

The Butler County Detention Facility has partnered with CBM Managed Services to provide the Inmate Commissary and Banking services for the facility. CBM Managed Services has also been a long term partner in providing the facility's inmate food service needs.
CBM Managed Services makes available inmate commissary and banking services through the JailATM website and Lockdown software.

Inmate phone and video visitation services continue to be provided by Securus Technologies.


Friends and Family may use the Tech Friends Inc. website for inmate Commissary, Email, Gift Packs, and Deposits.
If you are a new user to the site, you will be asked to create an account. Upon creating an account you will be able to use the available features of the site.
Please note, certain features may have associated fees.

Inmate Deposits
Deposits may be made to an inmate's account by either using the website or by visiting the Butler County Detention Facility lobby and using the deposit ATM during public hours. Deposit fees may apply.

Inmate Email
Email may be used through the website. You will be asked to create a site account to use the email feature. You and the inmate will be asked to accept each others emails.
If you receive an email from an inmate before you have established a site account, you will be asked if you want to email with the inmate and will be prompted to establish an account in order to do so.
There are fees associated with emails, please review the website information carefully.
Should you receive unwanted email(s) from an inmate, please contact the Butler County Detention Facility so arrangements may be made to have your email address blocked.

Inmate Commissary
Inmates have the ability to order commissary items while at the facility using funds from their inmate bank account.
Friends and Family may use the website to purchase commissary items directly for an inmate. The current purchase limit, per inmate, per order period is $25.00 regardless of the number of Friends and Family making purchases. Commissary orders may be placed throughout the week. Orders for the previous week are processed each TUESDAY and delivered each THURSDAY.
Commissary menu items may be individually restricted based on an inmate's dietary needs or housing status.

REMINDER: Please be reminded that some services provided to inmates, such as Commissary, Email, Phone and Visitation are PRIVILEGES. These privileges are provided for the benefit and morale of our inmate population but are also subject to restriction, temporary suspension and termination.

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