Map Books

Butler County GIS prepares and maintains a list of all streets and maps of their location in Butler County.  This book is typically utilized for emergency response or routing as a hard copy back up for when digital information is not available.

The Map Book in its entirety is available for download HERE or you can download individual pages below. 

Hard copies of the Map Book are also available for purchase HERE

Page Name/NumberDate of Last Update
Map Book Index Map
Butler County Street List
KDOT Mile Markers

Page 0109/17/07
Page 01A08/11/17
Page 0209/22/06
Page 0309/22/06
Page 0403/13/20
Page 0507/24/23
Page 05A04/20/23
Page 05B09/22/06
Page 0607/20/09
Page 0709/22/06
Page 0809/22/06
Page 0910/15/12
Page 09A12/13/17
Page 1009/22/06
Page 10A06/24/09
Page 10B09/22/06
Page 1109/22/06
Page 11A09/27/23
Page 1209/22/06
Page 12A07/24/19
Page 12B04/07/15
Page 1307/24/19
Page 1407/15/2022
Page 1503/28/2022
Page 15A12/13/17
Page 15B07/07/15
Page 15C07/14/08
Page 15D04/24/14
Page 1607/24/23
Page 16A07/14/08
Page 16B09/22/06
Page 16C06/24/09
Page 16D06/24/09
Page 16E06/24/09
Page 1712/13/18
Page 1809/22/06
Page 1909/22/06
Page 2012/13/18
Page 20A09/22/06
Page 20B12/13/18
Page 2107/15/13
Page 21A09/22/06
Page 21B05/24/17
Page 2203/28/2022
Page 22A03/28/2022
Page 22B10/27/17
Page 22C09/22/06
Page 22D06/11/10
Page 22E09/22/06
Page 22F10/14/16
Page 2306/20/2022
Page 23A10/14/16
Page 23B06/11/10
Page 23C10/15/12
Page 23D09/22/06
Page 2402/05/2024
Page 24A02/05/2024
Page 24B09/22/06
Page 2507/24/19
Page 25A12/28/2022
Page 25B02/08/22
Page 25C02/26/09
Page 25D04/20/23
Page 25E09/27/23
Page 25F12/18/20
Page 25G12/22/16
Page 25H12/18/20
Page 25I02/03/15
Page 25J09/22/06
Page 25K06/26/14
Page 25L05/24/17
Page 25M06/26/14
Page 25N09/22/06
Page 25O09/07/21
Page 25P09/27/23
Page 25Q09/17/18
Page 2612/13/18
Page 26A01/03/08
Page 26B09/27/23
Page 26C09/14/09
Page 26D02/05/2024
Page 26E04/19/17
Page 26F09/22/06
Page 26G10/24/06
Page 26H09/17/07
Page 26I09/22/06
Page 2704/20/23
Page 27A03/09/07
Page 27B07/05/13
Page 27C06/26/14
Page 2809/22/06 
Page 28A07/24/23
Page 2906/24/09
Page 3007/20/09
Page 30A12/11/14
Page 3109/22/06
Page 3206/24/09
Page 3302/26/09
Page 3403/13/20
Page 3509/17/18
Page 3602/05/2024
Page 36A09/17/18
Page 36B02/03/15
Page 36C07/30/21
Page 36D06/24/09
Page 36E02/05/2024
Page 36F02/05/2024
Page 36G04/07/15
Page 36H09/22/06
Page 36I09/22/06
Page 36J06/24/09
Page 3707/07/14
Page 37A12/18/20
Page 37B10/15/12
Page 37C10/15/12
Page 37D09/22/06
Page 37E09/22/06
Page 3805/24/17
Page 38A08/12/22
Page 38B07/17/14
Page 3910/15/12
Page 4009/16/16
Page 41
 Page 41A
 Page 42