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Commercial Services in Butler County

Butler County currently only processes commercial vehicle transactions for intrastate commercial vehicles garaged in Butler County. These transactions can be processed at either Butler County Motor Vehicle Office. No commercial transactions will be started after 2PM.

Commercial Vehicle FAQs

Kansas Commercial Motor Vehicles

Beginning January of 2014, per KSA 8-143m, vehicles used for commercial purposes in the state of Kansas and registered in the Commercial Vehicle system will be assessed an annual Commercial Vehicle Fee in lieu of property taxes levied by county appraiser offices. This bill applies to both interstate (traveling within two or more states) and intrastate (traveling solely within the state of Kansas).

The Commercial Vehicle Fee for intrastate commercial vehicles will be distributed in the same manner as property taxes levied on non-commercial motor vehicles. If your vehicle(s) operate in the furtherance of commerce or travels outside the State of Kansas, refer to the Kansas Commercial Vehicle Registration Manual for the full definition of a commercial motor vehicle and further information on Commercial Motor Vehicle Registration.

IRP Information

Butler County does not process IRP transactions.

You are required to have IRP plates on the power unit if you operate in two or more jurisdictions and your vehicle(s) meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • The power unit licensing weight is 26,001 lbs., or higher
  • The power unit has more than two axles regardless of licensed weight
  • The combination GVW of the Power Unit, Trailer and Load is 26,001 lbs. or higher
  • The power unit performs commercial intrastate movements in another jurisdiction other than Kansas, regardless of licensed weight.
To register a Kansas IRP fleet, you must have a vehicle that will operate in Kansas and one or more member jurisdictions with Kansas as your base jurisdiction according to the IRP definition.

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Answers to Further Questions

Commercial Motor Carrier Office in Topeka-785-296-6541

Highway Patrol-785-296-7189