Inmate Phone and Video Visitation

The Butler County Detention Facility is partnered with Securus Technologies™ to provide inmate Phone and Video Visitation services. The following information is provided to assist Friends and Family members. Please click to follow the link regarding your question or area of interest.

Securus Technologies
  • Securus Home Page

Securus Phone Services
  • Information regarding inmate calling and payment product options provided by Securus
  • Use the Securus Call Rate Calculator to estimate the cost of your call

Securus Video Services
  • Information regarding inmate video visitation
  • Onsite video visits occur in the Detention Facility lobby. Onsite video visits may be scheduled using a kiosk in our lobby during our regular lobby hours or scheduled from home by visiting the Securus Onsite Video Visit Scheduler
  • Remote or "At-Home" video visits can be made using an internet connected PC and a webcam. Information can be found at the Securus Schedule an At-Home Visit Visit page

Securus FAQs Page
  • Find additional answers and information at the Securus Frequently Asked Questions page