Butler County Animal Response Team

About CARTs

Animal Response Teams were first created after Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Over three million animals, livestock included, perished in that natural disaster. That figure could have been substantially reduced with a coordinated emergency plan to address animal and agricultural issues. The first team was a state level group, representing a partnership between state government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

As the animal response movement has grown, County Animal Response Teams (CART) have developed at the local level. These teams represent networks of local government, non-profit organizations, businesses, livestock producers, and individual volunteers dedicated to preparing, planning, responding and recovering during animal emergencies.
The Butler County Animal Response Team (BU CART) was started to help ensure the safety, survival and welfare of any animal affected by natural and man-made disasters in our area.

CART members are also dedicated to educating the general public on disaster preparedness. They recognize that preparedness is the key to minimizing the effects of disasters for both people and their beloved pets.

Volunteering and Training

While trained animal medical professionals are valuable assets of a team, citizens who are willing to make a difference and get involved are just as important to the success of the team!

All disaster responders must complete a core training curriculum. Much of the training can be completed on-line and is offered free of charge. Once the training is complete, team members are credentialed and can be activated through the proper notification methods.

Some of the basic core classes that are completed online include: FEMA IS-100 (Introduction to ICS), FEMA IS-200 (ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents), FEMA IS-700 (Introduction to NIMS), and Psychological First Aid. Classroom classes include Animal First Aid and Human First Aid. Team members are also expected to have a "go bag" ready for team deployment.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the BU CART team will first need to complete a volunteer application. To access that online app, click here.

Contact Us

If you have questions about BU CART, would like to attend a meeting, or would like more information about Animal Response Teams in general, please complete our on-line information request form.

For information on upcoming BU CART events and activities, you can also contact Butler County Emergency Management at (316) 733-9796.