Transferring Ownership

Transferring Ownership

When a vehicle's ownership is transferred from one person to another, the back of the title must be fully completed and properly assigned before licensing for the new owner can take place. If the transfer is due to death, divorce, or marriage additional documentation may be required. Refer to our Motor Vehicle form page. For a title that printed listing a lienholder on the front of the title; a properly signed & notarized lien release will be required. If there is no lien on the vehicle your new title will be mailed to you by the state after you register the vehicle in your name. If a lien is reflected on the title application the state will hold the title until a lien release is received and processed by a Kansas motor vehicle department. Once the lien release is received and processed the title will be printed and mailed by the state.

For answers to common title work questions please refer to the FAQ's on the main page.

Transferring a License Plate

You may transfer a valid license plate from a vehicle that has been sold onto a vehicle that has recently been purchased. You may not transfer a plate from a vehicle that has not yet been disposed. In order to transfer a plate you must be able to provide the name of the person or entity to which the vehicle was sold. For Butler County residents, fees for the plate being transferred must have last been paid in Butler County; plates last registered in a county other than Butler County will not be able to be transferred and will need to be refunded in their registered county.

If the ownership of the new vehicle will not be titled exactly the same as the titled ownership of the vehicle from which the plate is being transferred additional paperwork will be required. Only a legal parent, spouse, or child may be added to the ownership of a plate being transferred. If the person being added to the title is unable to be present you will need to obtain a Power of Attorney from them.

Depending on the year, make, and model of your new vehicle, you may have to pay additional property tax. Additional sales tax may be due as well-depending on the location where you purchased the vehicle and where the vehicle will be garaged.

For answers to common title work question please refer to the FAQ's on the main page.