Patrol Division


The Butler County Sheriff's Office's Patrol Division is overseen by the patrol captain, and comprised of approximately 37 state-certified deputies. They are separated into four crews or shifts. Each crew is led by a shift lieutenant and is comprised of a shift sergeant and patrol deputies.

About the Division & Patrol Area

The Patrol Division is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week operation. Butler County is the largest county in the State of Kansas (by land area) with 1,472 square miles to patrol, so deputies are constantly on the move. Due to Butler County's vast diversity, with the eastern half of the county being mostly agricultural and rural and western half being more suburban and commercial, deputies face a constant challenge dealing with differing lifestyles and cases.

Patrol deputies are typically assigned a geographically subdivided district as their primary area of responsibility for each shift they work, but they also must remain flexible to respond as needed. Additional deputies provide full-time service to some of the cities in the county as their primary responsibility as well. Together, thousands of incidents and calls for service are handled a year.


Patrol deputy duties are as diverse as the public they serve. Duties include traffic enforcement, motor vehicle accident reporting, initial criminal case reporting, responding to domestic violence and civil disputes, El Dorado Lake boat patrol, and responding to reports of stray animals. As with other divisions, some deputies from the Patrol Division help to make up the departmental SWAT Team (Special Weapons and Tactics).

Court Security

Law enforcement services are also provided to the 13th Judicial District of Kansas through the Court Security Division, which is located in the Butler County Judicial Center (across the street from the Sheriff's Office). This is managed by full-time and part-time officers. These officers monitor the safety and security of the grounds, staff, and visitors to the facility and perform any necessary law enforcement functions on behalf of the judges.

Civil Process

Being statutorily charged as officers of the court, the Sheriff's Office staff has many related responsibilities. These duties are primarily managed by two full-time officers and civilian office staff. Thousands of subpoenas are received by the Sheriff's Office for service each month. These officers also enforce and carry out orders from the court, including evictions and protection orders that have been filed with the District Court.