Reproductive Health Services

Reproductive Health

This includes a physical assessment including pap smear, urinalysis, and screening for anemia and hypertension. It also includes screening for breast and cervix abnormalities.

Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs

Screening for STIs are a part of the initial and annual visits. STI screenings are available by appointment. Treatment also available when indicated.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Clinic

The Butler County Health Department provides tests for sexually transmitted infection (STI). Treatment, and counseling for both males and females is available.

We are able to test for:
  • Certain vaginal infections including:
    • Bacterial vaginosis (BV)
    • Yeast Infections
    • Trichomoniasis
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • HIV
  • Syphilis

Appointments & Fees

STI testing is by appointment only. Please call (316) 321-3400 for an appointment, to speak to a nurse regarding STI questions, or for information on the costs of testing. Fees and costs vary depending on the services provided. Test results can take between 10 to 14 days.

Early Detection Works

This is a state funded program that allows qualified women age 50 to 64 to have annual screenings for breast cancer and women age 40 to 64 to have annual pelvic exams and pap tests. Contact the Health Department at (316) 321-3400 for more information.

Well Woman Exam

Receiving an annual well women exam is important for a women's overall health. During a well woman exam a general health check includes:
  • A breast exam
  • Pap smear
  • Test for sexually transmitted infections (if needed)

Accurate Exam Results

In order to ensure accurate results, we ask all women who are scheduled for a well woman exam to have nothing in the vagina for at least 48 hours prior to the examination. This includes abstaining from intercourse, tampon use, creams, douching, etc. If you are actively bleeding or are on your menstrual period at the time of a scheduled well woman exam, we will ask that you reschedule your appointment. Before the exam, you should also empty your bladder.

Other Reasons for an Exam

Besides routine check-ups or to obtain contraception, you should have an exam if you have any of the following symptoms:
  • Abnormal or heavy vaginal discharge that itches, burns, has an odor, or causes discomfort
  • Any signs of pregnancy
  • Bleeding between periods, also known as spotting or break through bleeding
  • Breast pain, lump or discharge from the nipple
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Menstrual cramps that cause you to miss school or work
  • Miss periods or have irregular menstrual cycles
  • Painful intercourse
  • Side effects or problems from birth control


The Butler County Health Department works with all patients regardless of insurance status and uses a sliding fee scale to determine charges for services. If a patient does not have insurance coverage, we will ask for a statement of annual income. Patients will not be denied services based on ability to pay as long as they provide appropriate income documentation and their eligibility is determined.

Pregnancy Testing

The Butler County Health Department provides pregnancy testing services during regular clinic times, at our El Dorado location. If you would like to have a pregnancy test performed, please call (316) 321-3400 and make an appointment. Test results will be given in person at the time of the service.


Pregnancy tests have a fee of $20. Payment is due at the time of service.