Maternal & Infant Program

What is the Maternal & Infant Program?

The M&I Program is open to any resident of Butler County that is pregnant or infant less than a year old, regardless of income. The overall goal of the M&I Program is to provide supplementary nursing, social work, and nutrition services which will enhance the medical care provided by the participant’s OB physician and promote an optimum outcome of pregnancy for mother and infant. The M&I Program provides educational information about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and infant care.

For those who do not have medical insurance and have been denied a Kansas Medical or KanCare Card, M&I offers a medical component that can cover the medical expenses for prenatal care as long as one of the M&I contracted physicians is used and the participant meets the income guidelines. The M&I Medical Program is limited to one participant a year.

Who is Eligible?

Any resident of Butler County who is pregnant or has an infant less than a year old are eligible. To qualify for the prenatal medical program the participant must be uninsured, underinsured, be denied a Kansas Medical or KanCare Card, and meet the income guidelines. Proof of denial to the Kansas Medical or KanCare program is required.

Additional Services

  • Multi-User Breast Pump Rental Program

How to Apply

The M&I Program is a voluntary program and may be terminated at any time by the participant. For further information or to apply, contact Jamie at (316) 321-3400 ext. 6221.