In-Home Support Services

Private Pay

Many elders and their families do not realize that they can pay directly for in-home assistance from a home care company. While this is the most expensive option, it does allow the customer full control over what kind of services they receive and how much. Our office can give you a listing of local home care agencies and how to contact them.

Medicare Funded Services

Generally Medicare funded services are short-term and are only provided in the home if the person is receiving physical therapy or nursing services. Recipients also have to maintain a homebound status. Medicare will not pay for homemaker services--only attendant care. This means it will pay for a bath aide to assist with bathing but for only as long as the person is also receiving physical or occupational therapy or nursing services. It does have to be ordered through your physician.

Medicaid Funded Services

This is a non-medical, in-home program aimed at low-income, low-asset seniors who are at risk of nursing home placement. It may possibly do the array of services listed on the previous page. Persons have to be on Medicaid and be deemed at risk of nursing home placement to merit receiving services. Please contact our agency at (316) 775-0500 to learn more or to obtain a referral for this program.


Hospice is a Medicare funded program, which means it does have to be ordered from your physician. Most hospices will visit you in your home and evaluate if you are hospice appropriate. Hospice can be provided for a long period of time if the frail elder is deemed to be on a steady decline and continues to meet Hospice guidelines. There are several Hospice agencies to choose from the serve the Butler County area. For more information, contact us at (316) 775-0500.