Volunteer Opportunities

Freezer Meals

This program needs volunteers to cook, package, and freeze meals on site (usually a senior center). After preparation is complete, volunteers collect the meals and bring them to the Department on Aging, where the meals are packaged according to a person's needs. Meals are then delivered to homebound elders living in our rural areas.

Shopping for Seniors

This program serves those who cannot shop for themselves. On Wednesdays, volunteers are needed to call homebound seniors and write down their grocery orders for that week. Based on these orders, volunteers then shop for, and deliver, the groceries on the following day.


Anyone interested in helping with commodities can visit or call our office. Commodities are distributed once a month. Volunteers are needed to help sort, box, and distribute these much needed food items.

Meals on Wheels

This program helps people stay in their own homes through the use of volunteers who deliver noon meals five days a week. Volunteers are often the only daily face-to-face contact for people who are otherwise isolated. Routes are available in all parts of the larger cities in Butler County.

Vaccination Clinics

Our volunteers partner with the Butler County Health Department to help vaccination clinics run smoothly, and some of our medically trained volunteers even administer vaccinations.  This opportunity started during COVID with the COVID vaccination clinics but has continued now to include flu vaccinations and others.

Other Volunteer Opportunities


Here are other volunteer opportunities in Butler County.