C & D Landfill

Construction & Demolition Waste & Clean Rubble Fees

Charge Fee
Secured Load Per Ton: $27.00
Unsecured Load Per Ton: $54.00
Minimum Charge Per Load: $10.00

Acceptable Wastes

The following are acceptable wastes for the C & D Landfill:
  • Bricks, concrete, and other masonry materials
  • Construction-related packaging (except chemical containers)
  • Electrical wiring and components containing no hazardous material
  • Mobile homes and trailers (except the tires and fuel tanks)
  • Non-asbestos insulation
  • Plaster and drywall
  • Plumbing fixtures and pipe
  • Roofing materials*
  • Soil and rock
  • Wall or floor coverings*
  • Wood and wood products

*Flooring, siding, or roofing material containing non-friable asbestos should be handled so it remains non-friable (e.g., carefully removed prior to demolition of structure), transported wet (covered with a mist spray to suppress dust) or transported with tarp cover, and covered immediately at the landfill.

Non-Acceptable Wastes

These materials are not acceptable C & D waste:
  • Drums or chemical containers of any kind (no empty paint cans, caulking tubs, oil containers, etc.)
  • Electrical equipment containing hazardous materials
  • Friable asbestos
  • Garbage or trash
  • Refrigeration units
  • Tires whole or processed

Your cooperation with these regulations is greatly appreciated.

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