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The purpose of this Driver's License Station is to provide services to established residents of Butler County and to ensure to the best of our ability that those who obtain licenses from this station are responsible and qualified drivers.

The driver’s license is not only used for the privilege of driving but has become a document that is recognized as proof of lawful presence and identification.

Services Provided - Payment by cash or check only

• Renewals and Replacement of Current Kansas Driver's Licenses and Kansas Identification Cards Payment by cash or check only

• First-time Driver's Licenses (which may include motorcycle (MC) endorsement) for those who have a Certificate of Completion from a Driver’s Education Course (DE-99 Completion).

• First-time Learner's Permit with a DE-99 permit from a current class, birth certificate, Social Security card or proof of a Social Security number (a parent’s income tax return with the child’s name and Social Security number can serve as proof), and parent or guardian (cannot process transactions for medical restrictions or exchange students).

· Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)

· Name changes-with supporting legal name change documentation such as certified marriage license, adoption decree, divorce decree etc.

· Address changes-with current drivers license and valid proof of address.

Services Not Provided

• Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Renewals

• Conceal Carry Licenses

· Driver’s License renewals for individuals who also have a Conceal Carry License

• Registered Offender Licenses

• First-time Driver's License, Instructional Permits, or Identification Cards (without DE Certificate of Completion, DE-99, medical restriction or exchange students)

• Out of State Transfers of Driver's License or Identification Card (regardless of whether a Kansas Driver’s License has been held in the past)

Responsible drivers and lawful presence are important in Butler County. We have the right to refer you to a Full Service Driver's License Facility if we deem it necessary.