Treasurer's Office


It is the mission of the Butler County Treasurer’s Office to serve the people of Butler County by ensuring the primary functions of the Treasurer’s Office being property tax collection and disbursement to taxing entities is carried out accurately, courteously and efficiently.

The Augusta Motor Vehicle Office will be temporarily closed starting September 3rd for remodeling.

Please bring all motor vehicle transactions to the

El Dorado Motor Vehicle Office.

Treasurers Office FAQ'S

Main Duties

Service Description

The Butler County Treasurer is an elected official whose authority, duties and responsibilities are described in Chapter 19, Article 5; Chapter 8; and Chapter 79 of Kansas Statutes. The County Treasurer’s primary function is to collect real estate, personal property, motor vehicle taxes, special assessments, and other miscellaneous taxes for Butler County cities, townships, school district, fire districts, and other taxing authorities.

Upon collection of the revenues, the County Treasurer apportions and distributes such revenues to the local taxing authority. The Treasurer’s Office also acts as a bank for the court house by accepting general deposits from all revenue generating county departments, entering them in the accounting system before depositing the dollars in the county’s main bank account.

In addition to tax administration and tax collections, the County Treasurer also oversees the Motor Vehicle Department which collects motor vehicle taxes and license fees on behalf of the State of Kansas distributing license plates and yearly validation decals to all vehicle owners in Butler County

The Treasurer's Office is no longer responsible for processing Driver's License Transactions. For Drivers License-please see the Clerk's Office.