About Butler County Townships

Butler County has 29 separate local units of government known as townships. Each township is a statutorily created independent unit of government with three elected officials – township trustee, township clerk, and township treasurer. One of the primary responsibilities of townships in Butler County is to maintain local roads that have been designated as township maintained roads.

Township Officials

Township officers are elected by residents of each township. Township boards are an independent government unit and are not under the jurisdiction or control of Butler County. For information related to terms of office and filing to run for office, please contact the Butler County Clerk’s Office.

Township Meeting Information

Township officials typically meet one day each month to conduct regular business. A compiled list of township meeting dates, times, and locations is available. The information in the list is a compilation of information provided by several of the townships. The list is for general information only. Butler County does not guarantee the accuracy of the list. Please contact the township directly for current meeting dates, times, locations, and agendas.

Laws & Duties

Also available is a compilation of Laws and Duties pertaining to townships and township officials.

Each township has established policies for construction of entrances, driveways, and culverts along township roads. Please contact the township trustee for the township for which you wish to have access to township road right of way.

Construction of new subdivision roads is required to meet minimum standards adopted by Butler County.

Road Maintenance Jurisdictions in Butler County

County road systems in the State of Kansas fall under one of three maintenance classifications as defined by state statute. Road maintenance in Butler County is classified as a Non-County Unit Road System (County-Township Road System).

Butler County maintains approximately 406 miles of paved and aggregate surfaced roads in Butler County. Roads maintained by Butler County are indicated as solid blue and dashed blue lines on the county road map.

The remaining nearly 2000 miles of roads in rural Butler County are maintained by one of 29 townships in Butler County. View a map of township roads.