Upcoming Projects

Bridge Replacement on SW Haverhill Rd.

Bridge replacement on SW Haverhill Rd. over the Little Walnut River, approximately 8.3 miles North of Smileyberg.  The road will be closed during construction. Construction is expected to take approximately 8 months.

Intersection Roundabout at SW Butler Rd. and SW 150th St.

WAMPO Federal Aid STP Roadway Reconstruction - SW Butler Rd from 0.5 mile South to 0.5 mile North of SW 150th St..  Work expected to start in the Spring.  Project detour map and phasingSienna Ranch/Paul's Valley Access map and phasing.

Little Walnut Bridge on SW 157th St - (Bridge is currently closed)

Locally known as the "Bois D'arc Bridge"
The Little Walnut bridge is currently closed and will remain closed indefinitely until possible repair options have been evaluated for feasibility. The Little Walnut Bridge is located on SW 157th St. approximately 1/4 mile West of the intersection of SW Purity Springs Rd. and SW 160th St.  Alternately:  the bridge is 3/4 mile East of the intersection of SW 157th St and SW Hopkins Switch Rd.