Current Projects

Intersection Roundabout at SW Butler Rd. and SW 150th

WAMPO Federal Aid STP Roadway Reconstruction - SW Butler Rd. from 0.5 mile South to 0.5 mile North of SW 150th St.

Be advised that beginning Monday, May 4th, 2020, the major road improvement and roundabout project on SW Butler Rd at SW 150th St located north of Rose Hill will begin construction.  The entire roadway and intersection will be closed to all through traffic beginning that week. 

No Traffic will be able to go through the intersection of SW Butler Rd. and SW 150th St from any direction once the roadway is closed.  2 detour routes will be marked for traffic to use.  Please see the attached detour route information and construction phasing plan for additional information.

The entire project will be under construction for up to 10 months weather permitting.  The project is tentatively planned to be built in 2 phases.  During Phase 1, the roundabout will be constructed and all the roadway improvements on SW 150th St. will be completed.  At the end of phase 1, SW 150th St will be reopened to all east and west traffic only.  During Phase 2, construction of roadway improvements on SW Butler Rd will be completed.  The intersection will still be closed to all traffic on SW Butler Rd. and most local traffic access from SW Butler Rd will be limited or restricted.  At the end of Phase 2, the entire project including the new roundabout will be opened to traffic.  Project detour map and phasingSienna Ranch/Paul's Valley Access map and phasing.

9-16-20 Roundabout UPDATE:  The contractor for the SW Butler Rd/SW 150th St roundabout project has tentatively scheduled to open SW 150th St through the new roundabout at SW Butler Rd of east and west traffic only during the day on Tuesday, September 22nd.  This date could change due to unforeseen circumstances.  Once SW 150th St. is opened to traffic, SW Butler Rd will be completely closed and shut down to all traffic from 1/2 mile south of SW 150th St to 1/2 mile north of SW 150th St. for the duration of the project.  Residents in Sienna Ranch and in Paul's Valley Third Addition will only have access via SW 150th St.  All local traffic to and from Rose Hill and Andover are encouraged to use the SW Prairie Creek Rd detour route which is 1 mile east of SW Butler Rd.

12-9-20 Roundabout UPDATE:   “SW Butler Rd south of the new roundabout at SW 150th St is tentatively planned to be opened to traffic as early as mid-day next Wednesday, December 16th weather permitting. The contractor is finishing pavement marking work and permanent sign installations this week and early next week. If all goes as planned all lanes south of the roundabout and east and west of the roundabout will be opened to unrestricted traffic. SW Butler Rd north of the roundabout will still be closed and under construction for a few more weeks. Traffic to and from Andover north of SW 150th St. will still need to use the detour route. 

Work on the north leg is progressing ahead of schedule. Winter weather, however, will slow down the current progress on some of the remaining concrete work and asphalt work. The contractor has announced a project shutdown for the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday from December 23rd through January 3rd. Otherwise, the contractor has committed to working on days that the weather conditions permit to hopefully get to a point that we can open at least 1 lane of traffic in each direction north of the roundabout in the very near future. We will provide an updated post as work progresses. 

Thank you all for your patience during this construction project. The County recognizes the great inconvenience to its citizens in the Rose Hill community by completely closing SW Butler Rd. The payoff is that we have accomplished our goal of significantly shortening the construction schedule. Cornejo Construction has done a superb job of keeping the project moving well ahead of schedule.

4-8-2021 Roundabout OPEN:  As of end of today, SW Butler Rd north of the roundabout at SW 150th St. will be completely opened to traffic.  

Bridge Replacement - on NW Tawakoni Rd

This bridge is located on NW Tawakoni Rd., approximately 0.5 miles north of Highway K-196. This is 2 miles west and 0.6 miles north of Potwin in Milton Township. The project will start in Spring of 2021.  The road will be closed to traffic during construction.  Construction is expected to take 10 - 12 weeks.  

Culvert Letting No. 75 - Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert

This project will include the replacement of several large culverts and small bridges throughout Butler County. The project will start February 8, 2021.  Location of culverts and bridges to be replaced.  Title page map.  Roads are typically closed to traffic during construction for a period of 4 - 6 weeks.

Bridge Replacement on SW Haverhill Rd.

Bridge replacement on SW Haverhill Rd. over the Little Walnut River, approximately 8.3 miles North of Smileyberg.  Schedule for replacement starting April 20, 2020.  The road will be closed during construction.  Construction is expected to take approximately 8 months. The official detour route for the project is from the junction of SW Haverhill Rd US-54/400, go west on US-54/400 to US-77 At Augusta, then use US-77 south from Augusta to SW 170th St., then use SW 170th St. east to SW Haverhill Rd and vice-versa.
1-26-20  Road is open.  Project is still being finalized but the road is open to traffic.

2020 County Road Crack Seal Program

Crack Seal Program.  Please refer to the 2020 Project map for project locations.  Work is ongoing and in progress.  Road will be open to traffic during construction.

2020 County Road Patching Program

Road Patching Program.  Please refer to the 2020 Project map for project locations.  Work is ongoing and in progress.  Road will be open to traffic during construction.

County Road Paint Striping - Countywide (2020)

Beginning late summer 2020, County Contractor will be paint striping road centerline and edge stripes on asphalt surface County roads throughout the entire County.   Striping work will start on all new chip seal roads from 2020 and follow with roads that have been previously chip sealed.  

***BE AWARE - Do not drive over freshly applied paint immediately behind the paint striping truck.  Fresh paint can be picked up on tires and splattered in the tire wells and the lower body panels of vehicles.  Please be patient when trying to pass the paint rig.***