Road Closures / Construction Zones


Butler County throughout the year may have county road or bridge projects under construction or may have maintenance work being performed.

View information on current projects, including regarding project locations, work zones, road closures, or detours.

For information regarding county-planned projects within the next few months, view upcoming projects.

NATIONAL WORK ZONE AWARENESS WEEK in Kansas.  April 20 - 24, 2020.  
GO ORANGE DAY in Kansas is Thursday, April 23, 2020.  
This year's theme is "Safe Work Zones for All:  Protect Workers".  It features a poster reminiscent of the World War II poster with Rosie the Riveter.  In her place are a male and female roadway worker proclaiming. "We Can Do It!", which is the original language used in the WWI poster.  Michigan chose that image as a reflection of its industrial heritage.  Please see the NWZAW Fact Sheet for more information as we remind motorist to drive safely through work zones during construction season.  Thank you.