The Butler County Department of Public Works-Operations is responsible for management oversight of county road and bridge maintenance, the landfill and sewer district operations, and provides operations support for the Noxious Weed Department and Facilities Management Department. The Operations function also provides guidance to townships for maintenance of township roads and culverts.

Road Maintenance Jurisdictions in Butler County

County road systems in the State of Kansas fall under one of three maintenance classifications as defined by state statute. Road maintenance in Butler County is classified as a Non-County Unit Road System (County-Township Road System).

Butler County maintains approximately 406 miles of paved and aggregate surfaced roads in Butler County. Roads maintained by Butler County are indicated as solid blue and dashed blue lines on the county road map.

The remaining nearly 2000 miles of roads in rural Butler County are maintained by one of 29 townships in Butler County.

Common Types of Road Maintenance

Following are the most common types of maintenance commonly performed by Butler County:
  • Asphalt Surface Maintenance
  • Chip Seal
  • Culvert Installation
  • Gravel Road Maintenance
  • Mowing / Right of Way Maintenance
  • Shoulder Work
  • Snow and Ice Removal
A map/list of current or up-coming County road or bridge maintenance and construction work is available for your reference.

Bridge & Culvert Drainage Structures

Butler County is responsible for maintaining all bridge sized structures and large culvert structures on county maintained and township maintained roads. A bridge is defined as a structure with a total length measured along the centerline from the inside face of abutment to the inside face of opposite end abutment of 20 feet or longer. A large culvert structure is any drainage structure not classified as a bridge, but, has a waterway opening of 25 square feet or larger.

Butler County maintains 438 bridge sized structures. 123 of these bridges are classified as rural secondary bridges located on county major collector roads. 315 of these bridges are as off-system bridges located on township roads and county minor collector roads. Butler County maintains over 2,000 large drainage structures on county and township maintained roads.