Road Maintenance Jurisdictions in Butler County

County road systems in the State of Kansas fall under one of three maintenance classifications as defined by state statute. Road maintenance in Butler County is classified as a Non-County Unit Road System (County-Township Road System).

Butler County maintains approximately 406 miles of county-designated roads. Approximately 357 miles of these roads are paved and approximately 49 miles of these roads are aggregate surfaced. Roads maintained by Butler County are indicated as solid blue and dashed blue lines on the County Road Map.

The remaining nearly 2,000 miles of roads in rural Butler County are maintained by one of 29 townships in Butler County. Please refer to the Township Road Maintenance Map or Township Contact Information.

The county develops and updates plans annually for proposed road surfacing projects and proposed major construction projects.

Maps & Road Information

The following maps and road information are available for viewing online:

More Information

For more information, contact Assistant County Engineer Bronson M. Webb at (316) 322-4101.