Engineering & Design

About Engineering & Design

Butler County designs or provides design review and approval for all county road, bridge, and culvert construction projects. Most design work for road projects and small drainage projects is performed in-house by county staff. Most large bridge projects and subdivision road improvement projects are designed by profession engineering consulting firms. All project designs and plans must meet minimum design standards established by the county which conform to standards adopted nationally.

Minimum Development Standards

Persons wishing to develop or subdivide property will need to contact the Public Works Office at (316) 322-4101 as well as the Planning and Zoning Office at (316) 322-4325 to determine minimum development standards.

Butler County has minimum standards for construction plans and for road design and drainage structure design. Updated standard details are currently in development and will be available for viewing on-line in the near future.

More Information

For more information, contact Assistant County Engineer Bronson M. Webb at (316) 322-4101.