Clean Highways Program

About the Program

The Butler County Clean Highways Program is part of an effort to make our roadways litter free. The program is voluntary, designed for non-profit organizations, and is open to groups that do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, or sex.

Each volunteer (adopting) group assumes responsibility for an assigned section of highway and agrees to remove litter and trash a minimum of three times a year for at least a two-year period. The Butler County Department of Public Works will work with the adopting group to select the specific section of highway to be cleaned. Some highways may not be considered for a number of reasons, usually safety-related conditions.

Contact the Public Works office at (316) 322-4101 for additional information.


  • Crew members should have the following minimum qualifications:
    • Good physical condition, including sight and hearing
    • Mental alertness
    • A sense of responsibility for safety of public and crew
    • Must be at least 11 years old
    • A willingness to use good common sense
  • The group’s responsibility is to pick up trash and litter, not mowing or trimming of shrubs and/or weeds.
  • Do not carry firearms, machetes, or axes while picking up litter.
  • Do not attempt to compact or squeeze trash sacks to gain room for more trash. Injuries from broken or jagged objects often result from this practice. Fill the sack with what goes in easily, and then get another bag.
  • Butler County will recommend areas where vehicles should not be parked.
  • Work one side of the highway at a time.
  • Car pool to site to reduce number of vehicles.
  • No children or pets shall be allowed at the litter pickup area or in the vehicles parked by those picking up trash.