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Elections Hub

The Butler County Clerk's Office and GIS/Mapping Department are excited to introduce a new online election resource for Butler County residents:  Elections HUB.  Available 24/7, using Elections HUB you can find out when the next election will be held, where you can vote, information about early voting, and other election information.  Through an interactive map you can even find out who represents you based on your home address!  Visit our new Elections HUB for answers to your elections questions.  Providing accurate and current polling information while sharing current representatives.Butler County simplifies civic engagement.

Property Ownership Website - Desktop or Mobile Version (Click Here to Access)

Our desktop version works best on desktops, but will work well on most mobile devices in portrait mode.  Our mobile version works well on all mobile devices.  They do not require any downloads and we hope they are very user-friendly.  You will find the square footage, acreage, and lot sizes as well as ownership information, and they are cross linked to the Appraiser's, Treasurer's and Register of Deeds.

Butler County Facilities (Click Here to Access)

Have you ever wondered where one of our facilities are located?  What services are offered at each location?  With our Facilities Story Map, you can learn their locations and what services are provided.