Electronic Monitoring

About the Program

The Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) has been in operation since November of 2000. Since that time we have provided around-the-clock supervision to individuals required to serve house arrest with electronic monitoring.

We serve both juveniles and adults sentenced by either district or municipal courts or living within the 13th Judicial District. EMP also serves juveniles and adults who seek services voluntarily. Counties served include Butler, Cowley, Elk, Greenwood, and Segwick.

We will also serve clients who live outside of the district but have been sentenced by an agency within the district.

Future Solutions Now

  • Reduces jail / detention sentences and overcrowding
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Allows offenders to participate in pro-social activities


Clients are not required to pay in full at the time of enrollment, but cannot fall more than two weeks behind in payment. Failure to pay for the services rendered will result in release from the program and notification to the referring agency that the sentence was not successfully completed.

Services Provided

The EMP currently utilizes a variety of equipment to monitor offenders. The EMP regularly researches new technologies and considers them for use in our agency, making this list subject to change.

In addition to the electronic monitoring equipment, the EMP also utilizes field checks and surveillance as well as random field and in-office urine drug testing of clients to ensure compliance with program rules and court orders.