Juvenile Justice Services

About the Juvenile Justice Services Administration

Kansas adopted the Juvenile Justice Reform Act in 1997 and, statewide, developed community partners to better assist local governments in providing services to children and families at various points in the system. This office cooperatively develops and administers those budgets with input from community members on the advisory board, programs, and county commissioners. Each district across the state is unique in its implementation and is crafted to suit individual community needs.

Programs & Services

In this department, we have multiple programs to serve clients within our communities, both in and out of the district. Currently we have the following programs:
If you have further questions about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have strict rules and regulations about what information can and cannot be released and who we can speak to about particular cases, but general information is always available.

Department Vision

Our vision is: "Changing lives of at-risk youth and their families for safer, stronger Kansas communities by serving as an immediate and appropriate resource for children, families, and community in Judicial District 13.”

This vision supports Butler County’s mission to “Provide the public with quality service and efficient use of resources through responsive, interactive, and proactive management while respecting individual rights and dignity.”