Fire Service


In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Fire Services in Butler County

Butler County is geographically the largest county in the State of Kansas with 1,443 square miles, or 923,520 acres. 25% of the county is cropland and 50% of the county is used for grazing.

Butler County is served by a total of 8 Butler County Fire Districts, 5 City Fire departments, 1 Cowley County Fire District, 1 Consolidated Fire District, and HF Sinclair Refinery Fire Department in El Dorado. All of the fire departments within Butler County have signed mutual aid agreements and several have automatic response agreements in the event of structure fires. The fire departments are primarily staffed with professional volunteers with the exception of the departments in Andover, Augusta, El Dorado, and Rose Hill. These four fire districts utilize a combination of paid and volunteer professionals.

Due to the leadership and foresight of the county's fire departments, the citizens of Butler County benefit from the agreements, burning restrictions, fire codes, and better equipment.

Open Burning

If you want to burn, please contact Butler County Emergency Communications at (316) 320-1294 to obtain a burn permit. Your local fire department can also assist you in determining if conditions are safe for outdoor burning.