Career Opportunities

Current Opportunities

All open positions can be found and reviewed at:
Butler County Employment Portal


Employment Facts

  • Five ambulances staffed 24/7.
  • Employs 38 full-time and up to 10 part-time Kansas certified attendants.
  • Longest tenured employee: Kathy Miller, AEMT, (32-years)
  • Shortest tenured employee:
  • On average, BCEMS conducts 2-3 hiring processes annually.
  • Applications are kept on file for 6-months.
  • Typical ambulance crew consists of one Paramedic and one EMT/AEMT.
  • Applicants go through a rigorous process consisting of resume review, cognitive assessment, psychomotor assessment, staff interview, and administrative interview.

Successful Applications

Every applicant should note:
  • Attention to detail is important. Carefully read all instructions during the hiring process and make sure all application materials are completed fully, correctly, and accurately.
  • Deadlines are important. Late submission of application materials or the failure to submit supplemental materials will automatically disqualify any applicant.
  • Knowing us is important. Every EMS department is different and not every attendant fits with every department. Applicants should enter into the BCEMS hiring process with a full understanding of why they want to work for BCEMS, why they think they are a good fit with BCEMS, and what the unique characteristics are making BCEMS a good fit for the applicant.

Applicant Characteristics We Value

BCEMS considers the following to be highly desirable in applicants:
  • Previous EMS field / pre-hospital experience
  • Veterans of the United States armed services with honorable discharge
  • College degrees above the level required by current EMS certification level, or at a minimum, college education beyond that required by current EMS certification level
  • Talents, degrees, education, or skills unrelated to EMS that supplement the character of the applicant and bring unique diversity to our team

Are You a Good Fit with BCEMS?

  • 64% of our staff are certified paramedics, 18% are AEMTs, and 18% EMTs.
  • Members of staff hold Masters, Bachelors, and Associates degrees.
  • About 10% of our staff are veterans of the United States military.