Weather Spotters

Storm Spotters & Storm Spotting

Our department uses a variety of storm spotting volunteers, including our Cities, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, and our CERT and BuCART volunteers.

Butler County storm spotting volunteers are encouraged to attend an annual storm spotter class to keep their identification skills sharp.

Reporting Requirements for Storm Spotters

If you are reporting weather-related events to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the following reports in particular are requested:

  • Tornadoes, funnel clouds, or rotating wall clouds
  • 1-inch or larger hail stones (quarter-sized and above)
  • Winds greater than 58 mph
  • Rain greater than 1" per hour
  • Water over the roadways or roads impassable due to high water
  • Storm damage (downed trees or limbs, structural damage, etc.)
When making a report, please remember to include the following:
  • Who you are
  • Where the event is occurring - location from the nearest city or a major landmark
  • What you have seen or are seeing
  • Movement of the event
How to make a report:
  • For those with access to the Butler County public safety radio system, spotter reports can be relayed on the EMA OPS talkgroup
  • For those without radio access, reports can be called in to the EOC at (316) 733-9796 or relayed through Butler County Emergency Communications at (316) 322-4398
  • Storm and damage pictures can be shared via Twitter (@ButlerEMA_KS) or Facebook (@BucoEMA), but due to staffing limitations, may not be seen until after the event is over. To immediately relay storm information, please use phone or radio.