Controlled Burning

Controlled Burn Status Board
Controlled Burn Status Board


Open burning, often referred to as controlled burning, is regulated by the State of Kansas (KAR 28-19-645 through KAR 28-19-648 and Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan) and in Butler County (Resolution 11-04) . Butler County encourages citizens to educate themselves on safe methods for performing controlled burns.

Each of the 15 fire departments serving Butler County has primary responsibility for authorizing controlled burns in their district. Generally speaking there is no written permit process for citizens in rural areas of the county. Most cities within Butler County heavily restrict open burning and require prior approval or a written permit available through the local fire department.

Weather Conditions
Current weather conditions play a key role in determining how safely any controlled burn operation can be performed. As a result Fire Departments rely primarily on BCEC to monitor weather conditions and authorize these operations via telephone.

Controlled Burn Authorization
To obtain authorization for a controlled burn please call (316) 322-4398. In the Andover Fire District please call (316) 733-5177. In the Augusta Fire District please call (316) 775-4500.