Business Incentives

State Incentives

The structure of Kansas financial incentives, tax levies and tax credits have been thoughtfully planned to be fair and favorable for your business. Our tax basis ensures that no single industry is disproportionately burdened. The incentives reflect an awareness of what it takes to attract and retain the companies who provide jobs for Kansans and our state is constitutionally restrained from overspending. A complete listing of the state tax programs and incentives may be obtained by emailing us.

A quick listing follows:
  • No merchant inventories tax since 1989
  • No intangibles tax in Butler County
  • Non-collection of sales tax for expansions or new plant sites
  • Machinery and equipment tax exemption
  • High Performance Incentive Program
  • Tax credit for research
  • Tax credit for day care facilities
  • Sub-Foreign trade zones
Additional information on State Incentives can be found at the Kansas Commerce's Business Recruitment Division.

Butler County Incentives

Many of the state tax incentives were created to assist local counties or cities with economic development efforts. As a result the state incentives are made available through a city or county on behalf of the business. Additional local incentives are listed below.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

A business can use IRBs as a low cost tool to help finance their projects. In addition, the bonds allow for a reduction or abatement of the property taxes created by the increased value of the project and the non-collection of the sales tax that would be collected on the project.

Local Property Tax Abatement

Each city can adopt a property tax abatement policy. Butler County and the cities of Andover, Augusta, Benton, El Dorado, and Rose Hill have adopted policies that allow an abatement for up to 10 years. These policies are based upon the number of new jobs that are created and the amount of new capital investment that the business brings to the county. Copies of the policies can be obtained from the Butler County Economic Development Office at 121 S. Gordy, Suite 202, in El Dorado upon request.

Community Development Block Grants

A business can apply for financial assistance from the state through a city or county. If you are interested in using these programs, please contact our office at (316) 322-4325 or (800) 940-6017 for further information.

Training Programs

Butler County and its communities participate with the state in supplying access to the state training funds. The KIT, KIR, and SKILL programs are made available to both existing and new businesses in the state. In addition to state programs, Butler Community College will work to develop any custom programs that a prospect might need. The KIT and KIR funds can be accessed to help pay for this type of training. The Skill program is available to help train a large force of people over a long period of time.

Community Development Block Grant Programs

Butler County participates in applying for CDBG funds where applicable and where the business can hold a project while it waits for the state to award these funds. The CDBG program is useful if a business needs a low-interest loan, but it does place constraints upon the business. Additional information can be obtained from the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Micro-Loan Program

Butler County Economic Development has been awarded funds to be made available for small start-up and existing businesses in Butler County. These funds are subject to the state CDBG guidelines and are to be used to stimulate self-employment activities. Loans can be made for working capital, equipment, land, and building. For additional information contact Butler County Economic Development at (316) 322-4325 or (800) 940-6017.


Butler County, in conjunction with Southwestern Bell, developed the first fiber optic park in the state. This fiber optic capability is the standard for the Andover Industrial Park. If a prospect needs this level of service they should review this park. The quality of service is guaranteed by AT&T (formerly Southwestern Bell). For additional information, contact the Butler County Economic Development Office at (316) 322-4325 or (800) 940-6017