Although many communities have flourished in Butler County, only 13 incorporated cities remain today. Basic information on each community is included. If a city has a website, it has been linked to this site so additional information can be obtained. Also, community profiles on each individual city can be found at LocationOne.


The City of Andover is a 10-square-mile city in western Butler County. It is located just 5 minutes for the city of Wichita, the state’s largest city.


The City of Augusta is in western Butler County along state Highway 54/400. The city is home to nearly 9,300 residents and a range of retail, manufacturing, and service businesses. A traditional all-American town, Augusta values its rich historical heritage while keeping its eye on the future.


The City of Benton is located in Butler County approximately 9 miles northeast of the City of Wichita, 5 miles north of the City of Andover, and 12 miles west of the City of El Dorado. Benton was established in 1909 and is currently growing with a population of approximately 900 people.


The City of Cassoday is located in the Flint Hills of northern Butler County, north of El Dorado Lake on the Kansas Turnpike. The community, although small, has the amenities to be self sufficient. Cassoday is a place where travelers can stop and get the services they need while enjoying a more relaxed pace and a chance to rest before proceeding on their travels.


The City of Douglass is a quiet community located in southern Butler County. Douglass has an interesting and memorable past, a comfortable and friendly present, and a bright future.


The City of Elbing is located in the northwest part of Butler County it has about 350 residents. The area surrounding Elbing is mostly devoted to grain farming–primarily red winter wheat and sorghum grain. Nearby farms also raise a few cattle and hogs.

El Dorado

The City of El Dorado is situated along the Walnut River in the central part of Butler County. The city is home to around 13,021 residents. It is the county seat and most populous city of Butler County.


The City of Latham is located in the southeast corner of Butler County.


The City of Leon is located in Butler County near the Little Walnut River along Highway 400.


The City of Potwin located in Butler County and is a bedroom community to the City of Wichita. Potwin maintains old fashion values and enjoys the economic productivity and quality of life of a metropolitan city.

Rose Hill

The City of Rose Hill is a growing community of 4,000 people located in southwest Butler County. It is a short 15-minute drive from Wichita.


The City of Towanda has an ideal location on Highway 254 just outside of 3 major cities, Wichita, El Dorado, and Augusta, all within a short drive. Being so conveniently located enables Towanda's citizens to take advantage of the wide range of employment opportunities available in these cities.


The City of Whitewater is located near a river bearing its name in western Butler County. It is located approximately 20 minutes northeast of Wichita via I-135 and KS-196 highways; about 20 miles northwest of El Dorado on KS-196 highway; and about 15 minutes east of Newton.