Community Development

About Butler County

Butler County, the largest county in Kansas, is mostly rolling grass-covered hills with broad river valleys winding through them. Petroleum production, refining, farming, ranching, manufacturing, and the newest state correctional facility help to diversify the economy.

Community Profiles

Basic information and community profiles can be found at LocationOne. What cannot be described in format is the real heart and soul of the people who call this home. We invite and encourage you to set aside time to meet us, individually and collectively, to hear our testimony. Then you will better understand why we are happy and proud to have our roots in "The Golden Land of Opportunity."

Both Metropolitan & Rural

We are classified as metropolitan, yet we are rural in many ways. This seeming contradiction serves to reflect the versatility of our lifestyles. Our workdays are intense, productive, and filled with satisfaction for jobs well done. Our weekends consist of variety, pleasing the jet set to the cowboys.

We learn to feel comfortable with whom we are and we’re accepted as we are. We encourage individuality and, in fact, are proud to admit that the spirit of entrepreneurship is not simply a great part of our history, but is alive and well.


Your business - and ours - is a people business. People are our number one resource. Certainly we have land, buildings, infrastructure, and acceptable terms which can meet your needs. Because we practice what we preach, you’ll interface with people who care and can respond to your needs.

We invite you to seriously consider the advantages of living and working in a place where family, work, freedom, fun, and peace-of-mind are the seeds of life.