Adult Services

This program supervises adult felony offenders assigned to Community Corrections by the District Court. Intensive Supervision Officers (ISO's) offer supervision based on the risk needs assessment required by the State of Kansas. This assessment determines the number of times contacts are made with offender clients. Contacts may range from one time weekly to one time monthly and can be : field and home visits, face to face and phone contacts. Periodic office visits are required. Drug screening, electronic monitoring and contact with law enforcement helps assure appropriate supervision. Fees are:
  • SB123 Supervision - $300
  • Courtesy Supervision - $125
  • District 13 Community Corrections - $125
  • Lab Confirmation - $30 each

Adult Intensive Supervision

  • Monty Herbert - Director
  • Ed Ketley - Deputy Director
  • Ken Clausing - ISO
  • Theresa Stanphill - ISO
  • Danny McKenzie - ISO
  • Kristi Ashenfelter - ISO



All main offices are located at

2365 W. Central 
El Dorado KS 67042 

Telephone Number (316) 321-6303
Fax Number (316) 322-8495

Satellite Offices:

311 N Main St, Eureka, KS 67045
(620) 583-5486
This location is on the 2nd floor of the Greenwood County Courthouse in Eureka.

120 E 5th Ave, Augusta, KS 67010
(316) 452-1853
Addiction Recovery Counseling Services, LLC