Clerk's Office


The County Clerk's Office is the focal point of the County Courthouse. This office will take requests for services and/or point citizens in the right direction to obtain the services needed.


Services and functions provided by the County Clerk's Office include:
  • Working closely with the County Commission
  • Recording minutes of the Board of County Commissioners Meetings
  • Assisting townships and watersheds in annual budget preparations
  • Maintaining tax rolls and real estate tax statement information
  • Adds and abates and maintenance of records on the tax rolls
  • Maintaining transfer records
  • Setting and certifying the mill levy for all county tax districts
  • Maintaining tax statement mailing lists
  • Administering oaths of public office
  • Maintaining election records and proceedings (including candidate filings, voter registration, ballot printing and preparation, election workers hiring and training, and ballot tabulations
  • Working closely with the County Appraiser's and County Treasurer's offices
  • Issuing moving licenses
  • Issuing Cereal Malt beverage licenses
  • Administering Driver's Licenses and State ID's
  • Assisting citizens with homestead and tax forms
  • Maintaining land records from the 1800s to present
  • Maintaining vital statistic records from 1800s to 1911