Diversion Program

About Diversions

The County Attorney Darrin C. Devinney of the 13th Judicial District of Kansas has established a pretrial diversion program for qualified defendants charged with certain misdemeanor criminal and traffic offenses. No felony offenses will be considered for a diversion.

The Butler County Attorney makes all decisions regarding diversion policy and has the final authority to approve or deny any diversion application. Diversion is a privilege and not a right. If accepted, the defendant will enter into an agreement for pretrial diversion and the criminal proceedings shall be suspended pending completion of the filed diversion agreement. The term of diversion shall be for (3) three to (12) twelve months. Upon successful completion of diversion, the charges will be dismissed. Failure to successfully complete the terms and conditions of the diversion agreement will result in a request that the diversion be revoked. Court proceedings on the original complaint shall be resumed.