Appeals Information

Information Regarding Your Informal Meeting

This information is for those scheduled for an Informal Meeting (appeal) of their Valuation Notice in the office of the County Appraiser.

Our offices are located on the third floor of the Butler County Courthouse at 205 West Central in El Dorado. Please use the elevator or the east stairs. Your hearing is scheduled to last 20 minutes.

In order for us to assist you effectively we are asking that you arrive a few minutes early and check in with our receptionist. She will have a brief form for you to complete prior to your hearing. If you would prefer the hearing can be held by phone.

Hearing By Phone

If you decide to hold the hearing by phone you will need to contact us prior to your scheduled meeting date at (316) 322-4220 or (800) 822-6346 so that we can make arrangements for your hearing officer to contact you at the appointed time. If you do schedule a phone hearing, it is recommended that you mail any documentation you wish to have considered, to the above address, prior to your scheduled hearing.

Resources for Appeal

The following items will assist in your appeal of the value placed on your property:
  • Recent appraisal (if home was purchased within the last year)
  • Purchase contract (if home was purchased within the last year)
  • Dated pictures of property damage
  • Information on properties in your area, which are similar to yours that have recently sold (within the last year)
  • Information on properties in your area similar to yours that are on the market to be sold right now
  • Income and expense information (if the property is a commercial venture, or produces an income)
  • Cost to construct (if the property is newly built)

Other Information

Please keep in mind that your County Appraiser does not determine the ag use value for agricultural land. Therefore, the county is not at liberty to change the value, unless there is a discrepancy in the actual use.

Another area of concern for all property owners is taxes. The County Appraiser and staff do not develop your tax statements, figure your taxes, or produce mill levies. If taxes are your reason for requesting a hearing please keep in mind that we cannot lower a value based on an increase in taxes.

Our staff wants to assist you with the hearing process by making available sales information and values for all properties within the county. You may view this information between 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday in our office.