Appraiser's Office

The Role of the Butler County Appraiser

The County Appraiser is an appointed position with the responsibility to discover, list, appraise, and maintain records of the data relating to all taxable and exempt real and personal property within Butler County.

The County Appraiser and his or her staff is responsible for the discovery, listing, and the uniform and equitable appraisal of all taxable and exempt real and personal property in compliance with the constitution and statutes of the State of Kansas for tax purposes.

Real property and personal property is appraised as of January 1 every year. Partially complete new construction is appraised based upon its percentage of completion as of January 1. Market value (what a willing buyer and willing seller would agree to) is the basis of value for most real property except agricultural land. Agricultural land is appraised on the basis of its productivity and a formula determined by Kansas Constitution, statutes, and state guidelines. Most personal property (except business, machinery equipment, RVs, etc.) is also appraised at market value.

Real Property Disaster Relief

According to Statute KSA 79-1613, the County Commission may issue an abatement of all or partial property taxes on dwellings where damage occurred during a natural disaster and would exceed more than 50% of the market value of the dwelling. The Appraiser’s office will determine if the damage to the property meets the requirements set by statute KSA 79-1613 and will then send the application to the Butler County Commission for approval. Please fill out the online application here: or contact the Butler County Appraiser's Office at 316-322-4220

2023 Real Estate Inspection Area

The Butler County Appraiser’s Office is conducting on-site inspections of real property as part of the 17% maintenance review.  The field staff will review the properties for accuracy of characteristic data and update records if necessary.
The review area includes all properties in the City of Andover and the surrounding area from SW Santa Fe Lake Road to County Line Road that are between SW 60th Street and SW 120th Street.   Property inspections may occur outside of the designated area if an inspection is required due to a recent sale or building permit.

The field staff can be identified with Butler County photo identification badges and will be driving vehicles that are marked with Butler County.  Property owners with questions may contact the Butler County Appraiser’s Office at (316) 322-4220.

Buying a Home?

The County Appraiser is required to value real property, excluding land devoted to agriculture use, at fair market value.  If your purchase is an open-market transaction, it may be used as a comparable property to value itself and like properties.

A calculation that can be used to estimate your property taxes after your purchase is:

Purchase Price  X  Assessment Rate  X Mill Rate  =  Estimated Taxes

Contact your County Appraiser Office and they will be happy assist you.